Program FAQs

Are Robertson Scholars Duke or UNC-Chapel Hill Students?

While all Robertson Scholars have full student privileges at both universities, each Scholar matriculates at and graduates from only one of the two universities. However, each Scholar will take a minimum of 5 courses at the sister university over the course of four years and Scholars’ transcripts will reflect all cross-campus coursework and participation in the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program.

How do Robertson Scholars get to classes on the sister campus?

The Robertson Express Bus, open to all members of the Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill communities, provides regular transportation from Duke’s West Campus to the main campus of UNC-Chapel Hill during the academic year. The bus ride lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Is any particular major required for Robertson Scholars?

Robertson Scholars may major in any subject offered at their home institution. Scholars may double major, minor, or obtain a certificate in a variety of subjects.

How do Scholars determine their plans for their Robertson summers?

Each Scholar works with the Assistant Director for Summer Programs to design and plan a summer experience catered to his or her unique interests, leadership development needs, and personal goals. To this end, Scholars take a fair amount of responsibility in creating an experience that is personally relevant, meaningful, and productive; the program staff supports the Scholar’s own efforts and provides guidance as needed.

How long do the summer programs last?

The first and second summers last a minimum of eight weeks. The length of the third summer is determined by the Scholar.

What do Robertson Scholars do after college?

Graduates of our program pursue a variety of post-graduate paths. While some Scholars will opt to continue their education by attending graduate and professional schools, others will take jobs in global companies, small start-up businesses, and other private organizations. Still others will work for nonprofits in the U.S. and abroad. You can learn more about the some of our Scholars’ paths through their Alumni profiles.

What is expected of Robertson Scholars?

Robertson Scholars are expected to participate in the various elements of the program, including but not limited to: retreats, the campus switch, cross-campus coursework, community events, and at least two summer enrichment programs (domestic and international, following the Scholar’s first and second years, respectively).

The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program expects all Scholars to uphold the academic standards for which they were awarded the scholarship. Continuation in the program depends on the maintenance of good academic performance, which is defined as a 3.0 grade point average at the end of the first year and a 3.30 grade point average at the conclusion of each subsequent academic year.

A Scholar who fails to achieve the required grade point average will be put under review (also referred to as probation). For Scholars under review, failure to achieve a 3.3 at the end of any subsequent year (or, for seniors, at the end of their first semester of senior year) will result in loss of the scholarship.

All Scholars are required to enroll in a full-time course load each semester, equal to at least four semester courses or their equivalent at Duke and a minimum of 12 (normally 15) credit hours at UNC-Chapel Hill. In addition, Scholars are expected to complete all graduation requirements of their home institution.

Scholars will be expected to conduct themselves in such a way that they will bring credit to themselves, the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program, Duke, and UNC-Chapel Hill.