Kenny Flowers (Various)

Kenny Flowers is an apparel company founded by Kenny Haisfield (UNC ’12). They specialize in Hawaiian shirts, resort wear, and recently launched a new golf line.

The company is committed to corporate social responsibility and uses their platform for educational initiatives and sustainability. Kenny says, “Doing good and giving back to our communities around the world is so core to us as people and what we do as a business, but we’ve always believed the highest good you can do is the good that doesn’t need recognition.”

The company is currently hiring for the following positions:

  • Director of Marketing
  • Sales Representative
  • Executive “Caddy” Assistant
  • E-Commerce Site Manager
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Creative Copywriter
  • Brand Storyteller
  • Graphic Designer
  • Customer Success All-Star
  • Pitch Yourself (AKA create your own job)

All current postings can be found listed on the company’s Jobs in Paradise page.