Rivian (Various Internship Positions)

AJ Hatzis is a UNC ’16 Alum, and is happy to share that his company Rivian has just opened their internship window. He is excite to refer any Robbie that applies and is able to talk with any interested Scholar who may want to explore electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging, or green energy broadly. AJ can be reached at: ajhatzis@gmail.com

About Riviaan: 

“Since our earliest days, Rivian has been a magnet for optimistic thinkers and doers who will stop at nothing to leave this planet better than we found it. It takes more than great ideas to make a difference. Bringing them to life — the right way — requires relentless curiosity and a whole lot of heart, not to mention difficult decisions, unexpected turns, redrawn plans and gnawed pencils. Every time we greet the unknown with open arms, what once seemed impossible becomes fun.”

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