With more than 550 Alumni from 17 graduating classes, the Robertson Alumni community spans across the world and includes a wide variety of professions and passions. As the Alumni community grows, so does our impact. Alumni are encouraged to engage with each other and with current Scholars throughout the year and in various ways through a variety of formal programs and informal community experiences. Alumni serve as coaches, mentors, and vital thought partners as Scholars explore their personal leadership development.

Regional Events

Throughout the year, the Program sponsors Alumni events in several cities across the country. These event include dinners and happy hours where Alumni and Scholars can connect, sometime for the first time and sometimes to meet up with a classmate! Robertson Alumni also plan informal events like service projects and pot-luck meals on a regular basis! As the pool of Robertson Alumni grows, we plan to have more regional events in additional cities! Currently, we have regional events taking place in the following cities:

  • New York
  • Washington DC
  • Boston
  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles
  • Raleigh/Durham

Alumni moving or relocating should update their address and information in our online system to ensure invitations to regional events.

Alumni Mentorship

Summer Mentorship

Alumni serve in official and unofficial capacities as summer mentors and coaches. Scholars have access to materials and information from previous summer trips taken by a majority of Program Alumni and are encouraged to reach out to Alumni when making plans for their summer.

Jobs and Internships

Alumni come back to campus regularly to speak with Scholars about their current roles and their paths to get there. Alumni also host Dinners for Six and Coffees for Ten when they are in town. Scholars connect with Alumni when searching and making decisions on job and internship opportunities!

Robertson (Re)Connect

Robertson (Re)Connect was started by the Alumni Council in 2017. (Re)Connect weekend brings together a group of 12-15 Alumni and 12-15 Scholars for 36 hours of reflection, ideation, and discussion. The theme of (Re)Connect changes every year, but regardless of the theme, the goal remains the same: bring the Robertson Community together to connect and reflect!