Cross-Campus Opportunities

Resources & Involvement

At the heart of the Robertson Scholars Leadership Program is the belief that Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill offer complementary experiences. Robertson Scholars are dual citizens of both schools and beginning in their second semester, Scholars can take courses, engage with extracurricular activities, connect with faculty and perform research at the sister institution.

Majors, Minors and Certificates

Robertson Scholars can major, double major, minor, or obtain a certificate in any subject offered at their home institution. Scholars may also complete the requirements for a second major, a minor, or a certificate at the sister institution as long as that program is not offered at the Scholar’s home institution.

Campus Switch

During the spring of their sophomore year, all Robertson Scholars participate in a semester of Campus Switch where they live at the sister institution. This semester challenges Scholars to engage in a new environment and develop their abilities to be adaptive, resourceful, collaborative and self-initiating. Campus Switch fosters a sense of collaboration between Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill by building a community of Scholars who are comfortable on both campuses and have a sense of allegiance to both universities.

The Robertson Express Bus


The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program is pleased to announce they will be continuing the Robertson Express between UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University during the 2023-2024 Academic Year.

Bus Schedule

The Robertson Express Bus (RSX) operates when classes are in session at Duke and UNC. It will not run during Duke/UNC’s Spring Break or during the summer. It will run on a reduced schedule during Exams and Reading Period.

Visit for the latest schedule, updates about service, and to track the buses.

Bus Information

Carolina Livery’s 18 passenger vehicles are ADA accessible and include bike racks, on board wi-fi, and charging stations. The smaller buses result in an approximate 75% decrease in the route’s carbon footprint.